Shenzhen SSF Holdings Co., Ltd. mainly engages in active components IC integrated circuits, memory chips, etc., and has established good business relationships with many famous IC manufacturers and agents around the world, with customers all over the world.
Since its establishment, our marketing team has grown stronger, advancing with the times, and strive to improve the company's core values, with good credit, superior quality, competitive price, fast delivery and flexible financial support.


Shenzhen SSF Holdings Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic distributor. Advantage brands include: ATMEL, CYPRESS, MICROCHIP, SAMSUNG, MICRON, ELPIDA, NANYA, etc. We are confident to provide customers with better and more satisfactory services. Open various value-added services, such as testing, burning chips, baking and drying packaging, etc. to ensure the quality of goods to the greatest extent.
We will continue to improve the company's sales network around the world, please contact us, we will be your best partner!
We are professional, so lead!


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