1. Passing NAND flash began to increase prices, Japanese pot?    2019-07-10
2. International semiconductors encounter a cold winter, China's storage team is expanding against the trend    2019-07-08
3. 5G flies, not necessarily good news for Intel and AMD?    2019-07-05
4. Will this be the next generation of FPGAs?    2019-07-04
5. Japan: Semiconductor materials, OLED materials, etc. will limit exports to South Korea    2019-07-01
6. Micron said it has resumed part of its chip shipments to Huawei, and its share price has risen 10%    2019-06-27
7. Researchers develop low-energy general-purpose data storage devices    2019-06-25
8. Analysis agency: NAND Flash prices will continue to fall    2019-06-24
9. More than 90% of foreign dependence, where is the domestic storage enterprise?    2019-06-18
10. Accelerated semiconductor localization process    2019-06-17
11. China's sensor status is worrying, how to break through the development bottleneck?    2019-06-12
12. The memory market is expected to plummet 30% this year, and communication IC is expected to become the largest market.    2019-06-10
13. Will the NAND market recover?    2019-05-13
14. Micron 9300 Series SSD, up to 15.36TB, designed for the cloud and enterprise markets    2019-04-26
15. The 5G chip pattern has become the biggest winner of Sino-US Han Cheng    2019-04-23
16. Thoughts on Qualcomm Apple's Reconciliation for China's Industry    2019-04-18
17. In the second half of the year, market supply and demand will improve, and the storage industry will continue to be good in the next 10-20 years.    2019-04-14
18. In the 5G era, demand for such chips will soar    2019-04-12
19. The current situation and development trend of China's semiconductor industry market in 2019    2019-04-04
20. The first negative growth of global semiconductors, the US market has become the "culprit"    2019-03-27
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